System supplier for cabling in medical engineering

We are perfectly equipped to meet the high quality requirements of medical engineering. 

Our quality management monitors and documents all planning steps and production processes without interruption.  

All components are subjected to a 100% inspection to ensure consistent quality.  

Our range of services extends from development, documentation, prototype production and series production to the assembly of components on site at the customer’s premises. 

We supply our customers with all types of control and power cables, assembled cable sets and assemblies:

  • Fibre optic cable 
  • Single wires 
  • Sheathed cables 
  • Rubber lines
  • Motor connection cables
  • Data lines 
  • Power lines 
  • Drag chains 
  • Interface cable 
  • Cable sets 
  • Cable harnesses 
  • Data and control cabinets
  • Control panels