Cable assemblies for the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, consistently high quality, delivery reliability and, last but not least, cost considerations must be taken into account. pema elektrotechnik gmbh is perfectly equipped to meet these challenges.

Our quality management seamlessly monitors and documents all planning steps and production processes.

All components are subjected to a 100% inspection to ensure a constant quality.

Due to our production sites in economically attractive countries in Eastern Europe, we are able to offer series production at market-driven prices.

Our logistics are able to deliver on stock, on line or by KANBAN method.

Our range of services includes development, documentation, prototype production, series production and the assembly of components on site at the customer’s premises. 

We supply our customers with all types of control and power cables, assembled cable sets and assemblies: 

  • Fibre optic cable 
  • Single wires 
  • Sheathed cables 
  • Rubber lines 
  • Motor connection cables 
  • Data lines 
  • Power lines 
  • Interface cable 
  • Cable harnesses