about us

The future is connected – we provide the connection.

True to this statement, we are the leading partner in the field of cable assembly and modules. With our products and solutions we are the long-term growth partner for our customers. The passion of our employees is the basis for our success.

We contribute to the success of our customers by providing them with comprehensive support from development to production so that they can focus fully on their core competencies and we can offer the corresponding added value. We achieve this through customer centricity, quality and efficiency supported by innovative technologies. We guarantee a comprehensive understanding of quality towards ourselves, our activities and our customers and partners. Through our daily commitment to finding the best possible solution, we make a clear commitment to performance and professionalism.

As a family business with an active entrepreneurial family, we are managing the transformation to a modern system supplier (cable assembler). As a “learning” company, we shape our processes in a constantly changing environment with openness and inner flexibility.

Our company is as good as its employees. Over 180 qualified and committed employees have made the success of the company possible at our two production sites.

Our team

Nic	Hahn

Nic Hahn

Jochen	Hahn

Jochen Hahn

Rolf Hahn

Rolf Hahn

Rolf Mundinger

Rolf Mundinger

Kathrin Reinl

Kathrin Reinl

Christian Angres

Christian Angres

Bernd Schäfer

Bernd Schäfer

Damir Spanic

Damir Spanic

Petra Ulmer

Petra Ulmer

Company History


Opening of the company’s own training centre in the Romanian plant for the training and further education of its own employees.

Integration of the trading division hm elektrotechnik into pema elektrotechnik gmbh.

Implementation of the digitisation strategy in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IAO.


Nic Hahn joins the management of the company; initiation of the generational change of the family business.

Expansion of the production plant in Romania by a further 800 sqm.


Establishment of a strategic cooperation partner to expand the production capacity in Hungary.


Expansion of the production area in Romania by a further 1,500 sqm at a second location.


Opening of the new production site in Romania with over 2,500 sqm of production area.

Acquisition of the first company-sharing customer at the Romanian location in the field of plastic injection moulding technology.


Founding of the subsidiary pema electrotehnic s.r.l. in Romania to expand the company’s own production capacity.

Spin-off of the trading division into the sister company hm elektrotechnik gmbh.


Further expansion of the production capacity for commercial vehicles and mechanical assemblies in Slovakia.


Expansion of production for the automotive sector in the Czech Republic.


The production portfolio is expanded to include mechanical assemblies. Thus pema elektrotechnik gmbh develops into a system supplier.


Rolf Hahn and Rolf Mundinger take over pema elektrotechnik gmbh and successfully expand the company.


Extensive expansion of production and administration.


pema elektrotechnik gmbh expands its product range by further commercial products and a segment with industrial connectors.


pema elektrotechnik gmbh was founded in 1974 and established itself as a supplier for cables/lines, cable glands, accessories and ready-to-connect cable harnesses.

Corporate Group


pema elektrotechnik gmbh

With its subsidaries and partner companies, pema elektrotechnik gmbh is a system supplier for the electrical engineering sector.

From individual plugs to ready-to-connect cable harnesses and complete control cabinets – all components can be supplied.


pema electrotehnic s.r.l.

Our subsidiary in Romania enables us to offer customers favourable prices for the supply of series and large series.

More than 100 motivated employees work on over 4,000 square metres of production space at two locations.
A functioning logistics chain, a 100% inspection of the manufactured components in Germany on request, the permanent training of the employees on site as well as a comprehensive quality management ensure a consistently high quality.
We are your system supplier for the electrical engineering sector.


hm consulting GmbH & Co. KG

The two managing directors, Rolf Hahn and Rolf Mundinger, have a wide range of experience.

As long-standing employees in various management positions at IBM, they have acquired profound knowledge, which they used in 2002, when they took over pema elektrotechnik gmbh, to constantly build up and expand the group of companies.

The two managing directors also make this know-how available to other colleagues. They support managing directors:

  • with the restructuring of companies
  • for company analyses
  • in crisis management
  • during bank talks
  • in the development and implementation of new ideas,
  • products and strategies